Pruning Crew - 2024


It’s 2024 Pruning Season!

I would like to welcome you back as part of our 2024 pruning crew.

If you are joining us we will be starting work on Saturday, March 23. Off Sunday & resume work Monday (March 25) through Saturday (March 30th).  If you can only work certain days, that is fine, just let me know.We will finish up on following weekends if necessary.

Please Note - We have reduced the number of pruners needed to about 10-12. Please notify us as soon as possible if you want to work.

We are always looking for new pruners - If you have a friend (13 yrs and older) - forward this message to them or let me know they are coming.

Pay this year starts at $9.50/hr (take home pay) for normal pruning and vine tying activities.

Normal hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with 1 hour off for lunch. Bring your own lunch, gloves & dress warmly.
(it is sometimes damp, and windy and it is easier to remove extra clothing than to freeze all day. BOOTS ARE BETTER TO WORK IN THAN TENNIS SHOES!

If you have pruning tools, please bring them otherwise we will supply them. We will teach you anything you need to know about grape pruning.

Rainy Weather Information - I want to get the job done, but we don’t work in a steady rain (although some mist is ok). If it is raining in the morning, I usually hold off starting until after lunch. If it is still raining after lunch, then we try again the next day. If it starts raining during the day, we sometimes go inside for an hour or so & see what the weather does, if it continues to rain we stop for the day.

Contact me and let me know as soon as possible that you will be joining our crew.

Please Respond to the text I sent you, USE THE FORM BELOW or CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US.
Mr. W. Schnute

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I would like to remind everyone about rules when working at our farm and home.

No smoking, bringing knives, drugs, alcohol etc. This is a work area. Respect your fellow workers, everyone has a job to do.

We will have NO tolerance for horsing around - we want you to enjoy working here but we are not baby sitters - We need you to get a job done!

Please do not expect to bring your boyfriend (or girlfriend) and expect this to be a date. Any romantic horseplay and you will be sent home immediately.