Spring‍ 2024 at Honeyflow Farm



New Honeybee Colonies at the Honey Farm

 Honeybee colony losses over the winter seem to be very common now, even though I try new medications every year, some work better than others.  We purchase "3lb packages of honeybees" from the souther states for replacement colonies - these are installed in our own equipment.  Check this article we have on installing packages...




The last few years we have been focusing a lot on producing comb honey.  It is also called "Natures Candy" and we produce it in full com, cut comb abd in square plastic boxes.  It is in VERY HIGH DEMAND AND WE ARE TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT OF IT UNTIL THE BEES START PRODUCING HONEY IN A MONTH OR SO.  Great article on Comb Honey...

full comb frame 3


Customer Questions About Honey
Hi there! From Kristan
We picked up our honey yesterday, thank you!  We were wondering something about honey.  
Can you tell us if the gallon jugs are spring honey or fall honey or summer honey? We are trying to figure out what kind of honey we like best. :). Years ago, I remember not liking spring honey as much as summer honey.  But it’s been many years since we had some that are even different than each other from various places and so we had no way of knowing. It would be fun to know which is which and when would be best for us to stock up. They taste wonderful.  And we are just hoping to learn a little along the way.  Do your bees primarily get pollen from grapes? I didn’t know if grapes get a flower.  Just all things we are curious about and figured you would know :) 
Most of our honey is summer honey from many flowers (clovers and thistles) - that is why we just call it wildflower.  Spring honey is really hard to get - since the bees use all they make to make more bees and grow the colony.
The grapes do have flowers, but i rarely see a honeybee in them - there are better nectar sources available.


Humingbirds & Rose Pillars on Sale for Mothers Day

rosepillarlarge hummingbird a 2 3wicks large

10% Discount - Beeswax Rose
Scented Pillar with a rose design embossed on the sides,  2 3/8 inch wide x 5 inch tall

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10% Discount - Rose or Natural Scent  - A Pure Natural Beeswax Humming Bird Pillar. (3 inches wide x 3.5 inches tall) 

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A huge 6 inch wide x 3.5 or 6 inch tall beeswax triple wick round pillar 

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Spring Work in the Vineyard

The week before Easter many youths were out of school for Easter Break.  We invite them to the vineyard to help us prune. We worked on as many rows as we could with the 6 or so people we had working.  We are still following up with a lot of post and wire work.  Posts are constantly getting broken, wires have fallen down and there is always work to do.

We are always watching the weather, hoping to get through spring without a damaging frost.  At the time this was posted, the vines have not been pushing hard yet - it is in mid-late May when things get very fragile.