What to do with Angels

What to do with Angels

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Favorite Uses for Hanging Angels

Beeswax Turkey Candle


What to do with Beeswax Tree Ornaments?  
Seems pretty obvious doesn't it?

But our customers came up with some unique ideas...  

(This conversation started after putting our New Bulk Packs of 24 small and 12 large ornaments on sale - 30% Discount off of 6 pack price)


+ Of course the number one reason was to decorate your Christmas Tree.

+ Place settings - the gold cord on the decoration was used to wrap the napkin together - Use for Christmas Dinner.

+ Wrapping party gifts - add as a decoration.

+ Christmas Handouts to postman, UPS etc.

+ Hang on Mantle for Holiday Decorations

Those beeswax ornaments would be wonderful drawer sachets! I love the smell of beeswax, and it would be heavenly to open a drawer in my antique dresser to be greeted with that amazing smell!  (submitted by Crest O.)


What Ideas do you have - send In a unique idea and I will send you a 6 pack of ornaments. Contact us here...


Beeswax Ornaments
Beeswax Ornaments

      Beeswax Cross and Note. 


You can also purchase the 4 Notes and a Cross as shown above for $10.25.
Ball Ornament
Ball Ornament


Beeswax Hanging Ornament - ($9.25) - A 2 1/2 inch wide x 2 1/2 inch tall Christmas Tree ornament. Comes with a gold chain to hang it on your tree

Large Beeswax Ornaments

These pure beeswax ornaments will look perfect hanging on your Christmas tree or wallYou can order them separately or all 4 of our large Christmas ornaments for $17.25!

Christmas Theme‍

Kissing Santa
Kissing Santa
Nativity Firgurines
Bird Scene
3 Decorative Beeswax Candle Figurines - an Angel playing a Violin, Harp or Flute.

Beeswax Kissing Santa  - ($11.75) - A 4 inch wide x 5 inch tall Beeswax Kissing Santa. 

Mary, Joseph & Jesus Figurines group - ($18.25)  Or complete set available.

They are available individually or in a set of 3. ($24.75)


Stained Glass and Music Theme‍

Stained Glass Skep

Beehive Stained Glass Skep (close out sale) - 4x5x.4  (regular price 18.95 - now $10.00)


Musical Candles
  • Beeswax Treble Cleff Figurine  - ($10.25)
  • Beeswax Cello Figurine  - ($15.95)
  • Beeswax Musical Note Figurine 
  • Set of All 3 Notes! - ($32.75)


Stained Glass Grape

Stained Glass Grape Cluster - (close out sale) 6x8x.4 - (regular price 23.95 - now $15.00)

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